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Porcelain Artist and Teacher, Phyllis McElhinney

Phyllis lives and paints in Lathrop, Missouri. Her work is published regularly in the china painting literature, and she often contributes to art news articles in Missouri. She offers you her insights into how she developed her love of porcelain painting in the following article which was recently published in the "2009 Rose Issue, Volume 49, Number 2" of IPAT's Porcelain Artist magazine.

Why Paint Porcelain China?

Phyllis McElhinney, porcelain artist and teacher

I grew up in north Missouri, and I always knew that to paint china was something that I wanted to do when the opportunity would make it possible. I could not have achieved my goal without my husband, Clifford, who has always been very supportive in any way that he could and he still likes to help (at times).

My first china painting teacher, Dean Vanderpool, taught in St. Joseph, Missouri at a YWCA. After a year, I expanded my studies to include classes with Bernice Covington in Grain Valley, Missouri for two more years. One day Bernie said, "I want you to go with me to study with my teacher". Inez McPherson had closed classes, but Bernie got me into Inez's class in Blue Springs, 65 miles one way from my home. With the help of my mother to take care of three daughters, and the savings from my grocery money, I took lessons from Inez for twelve years.

I helped Inez start the PPAA School in Kansas City, Missouri at a Salvation Army camp ground (which was not very nice to say the least). After two years, I found a new home for us at Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri where the school remained for many years. What a wonderful friendship we developed, and we had a lot of very good and talented teachers.

When I started teaching china painting away from my studio, the subject was currants. I have several pieces of Pickard china with currants which I used as inspiration to teach my students how to paint. Now I enjoy teaching roses, grapes, and many other subjects.

In 2008, I helped start a new art school, "Midwest Porcelain Art School" held in Excelsior Springs, Missouri at the Elm's Hotel Resort and Spa. The 2008 session of MPAS had eight fine porcelain painting teachers, and because of the initial success, it is expanding to eleven teachers in 2009.

I have had the opportunity to teach so many people who are now my very dear friends. My greatest joy is to see students become excellent painters, and then spread this wonderful china painting art form by teaching others. Not only do we teach china painting, we also share our joys and sorrows with our faith in God to everyone.

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Phyllis McElhinney

Articles about Phyllis

The following articles are published in magazines and newspapers around the world, and they describe Phyllis' involvement in china painting.

"China Painting: More than just pretty plates",Bee-Picayune by Sarah Taylor CLICK HERE to read the article.
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News from Phyllis

KY WOCP Porcelain Art School, porcelain artist Phyllis McElhinney teaches roses in china painting

Midwest Porcelain Art School will be held Sept 29 - Oct 4, 2013 atThe Elms Resort in Excelsior Springs, MO

Midwest Porcelain Art School, porcelain artist Phyllis McElhinney teaches roses in china painting
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